ReferHub – Homepage

UX improvements
Apr 26, 2022

User case

To landing on the home page, and as quickly as few seconds, understands the purpose of the website and what it provides as services, as well as being able to trigger the main call to action(s), in which case are to either sign up as a new practitioner and joining the community, or searching for one in order to start referring patients. 


The page needs to be simple, and provide only the details that are needed to attract both users and search engines. Extra details, or noises need to be avoided and removed so the entire page is easily readable. Extra information can be added at the later stage when content are more accurate and we have more recurring visitors.

Current flow

The home page has some useful information about the platform itself, but also some redundant details as well as lack of call to action blocks to quickly promote the main purpose of the application, such as finding local practitioners and highlighting the search capability of the website and explaining how quickly one can book a referral with the app, or sign up as a referee.

There are some sections that aren’t really providing much useful information but to add some redundant content to the home page. These can be either removed, or replaced with other blocks of data.


To re-vamp the top of the home page, moving the search inputs to the middle of the page and highlighting it as a major feature of the website.

This gives the indication of where the starting point of the hub is.

Re-thinking the top navigation, making the sign up call to action more clear. Other items can be either move to the footer or added later.

This follows by a dynamic section, showing the top rated local practitioners, which changes according to the location of the user, and later can be used in order to promote certain profiles (paid or premium for example).

Clicking on these profile will direct the user to the page where they can sign up or log in to the system in order to refer a patient.

We are also suggesting to add another block to browse the practitioner’s profiles by categories. This narrows down the search results as well as help search engines to have a separate landing/fixed page for related keywords.

i.e. the title of the page could be something like “Pediatric dentist in Los Angeles”. Not only this helps finding the result easier, but it is a great search engine landing page.

We then continue by explaining what ReferHub is, and how it works.

These blocks can be placed in the middle of the page where user starts to seek more information about the platform, the people behind it and the details on its features and functionalities.

A summary or a short text of this section must be presented at the top of the page for a quick read.

It is very important to keep these details simple and esy to read. We will be able to provide more information and video, etc. on a separate page.

We then wrap up the page with a section to introduce sponsors to show the big names behind this platform. 

The working prototype can be found here (work in progress):